How Your Life is influenced by Your PhD Dissertation

PhD Dissertation
Whether you are doing a PhD or planning to start it, you will come across to listen to many stories of PhD scholars whose life totally changes during and after PhD. Many of them will tell you that the PhD has greatly influenced their life. You may wonder what it is in PhD that changes the lives of so many PhD scholars. It is the PhD dissertation that greatly influences your life. There are many factors that let a PhD dissertation leave its effect on a student’s life. They are; understanding between supervisor and supervisee, topic and nature of dissertation, personal skills and abilities of a PhD scholar and the influence of job and family.

During your PhD dissertation sometimes you feel so much helpless and stressful that you really decide to quit your PhD or hire a PhD dissertation writing service. At doctoral level expectations of your supervisors are very high from you. They demand very high quality and an innovative topic of dissertation from you. That is the reason why your proposal is rejected many times until you come up with a new and modified idea. It is very important to choose the right university for your PhD. If you choose a university which does not have a good faculty, that will show up as your supervisor then you are definitely going to suffer. If your supervisor does not have enough knowledge about the topic and university lacks the availability of resources then you would not be able to produce the quality work.

You will not get the proper guidance and at the end, you will be searching for external guidance which may cause conflict between you and your supervisor. As a PhD student, you need to understand that you have to work independently while following the instructions of your supervisor. If you think that you will be guided with instructions then you are wrong. Almost 90% of the PhD supervisors only instruct they do not guide the students. There is a difference between guidance and instructions. While instructing, a supervisor will only tell you to do this or not to do this but in the guidance he will also tell you how to do it and from where to do it. But in most of the things you are totally dependent on your supervisor. For example, when you send your supervisor a chapter you have completed to review it and send you the feedback, you can’t start the next chapter until you get the feedback on the previous one.

Most of the PhD scholars say that your attitude after completion of your PhD dissertation depends on your experience during research. If you have a good experience you will be calmer as compared to before PhD dissertation, you will show more patience, punctuality and responsibility and above all, you will think and see things optimistically. But if you have a bad experience you will definitely become more hopeless, aggressive, and short-tempered and will think and see things pessimistically. For successfully completing a PhD it requires lots of patience. It normally takes three years to complete the task while encountering the challenges as well. For writing your dissertation you need loneliness and a quiet area to work and think with concentration. You also have to give up most of your friends and family gatherings and events and you almost have to cut-off from your social life for some time.

As a result, you started to feel like an isolated person. This can result in lack of motivation and discouragement. You may start to feel that everyone else is enjoying life and no one is there to understand your problems and worries. When you have a deadline for dissertation and at the same time you have targets at your job as well then it becomes problematic for you to keep the balance between your work and dissertation. Both become equally important and one of them demands more time from you. In a struggle of managing deadlines and job tasks, you end up with anxiety and stress. Your PhD dissertation also affects your financial condition as well.

If you are relying on external funding for the completion of your studies, then you need to be more conscious about your finances and expenses. This all does not mean that a dissertation is only harm to someone’s life. Successful completion of dissertations also let you learn new things and develop new skills and abilities. You learn how to question your abilities. You learn the most basic skills like time management, critical thinking, analytical analysis and viewing both sides of the picture. It also helps to develop certain qualities in your personality. It gives you more confidence. When you try to manage your dissertation with your job and family you will become multitasking. It also increases your stamina. Above all you will be able to start a new part of your career.

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Hello, my name is Albert Barkley. I am working as education consultant with a UK based firm after completion of my PhD. I like to write on different social, tech and education trends.

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